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Is there an example circuit with a PSOC 5 to show how to connect the PSOC for USBUART?


I'm looking for a schematic of the connection between the PSOC and the USB connector with the D+ and D- signals.


From my understanding of the USBUART module is that it uses the physical USB layer to transmit the data over D+ and D- connections and then when connected to a host PC the PC recognizes the PSOC as a Virtual COM port, is this correct?


Does the USB support BUS power in this configuration? If so what is the max Current that can be supplied? I'm assuming it's 500mA is that correct?


I've already found these documents:




This document shows the software side of the implementation. It points to this development kit. CY8CKIT-001.


When I look up the schematic for the PSOC 5 version I find this:




I've uploaded both the schematic and a small clip of the schematic that highlights the USB connections made for the demo board. In the clip of the schematic is the highlighted chassis ground is that symbol there for a reason? Is it just symbolic of the chassis of the USB connector shield it doesn't show that it isn't connected to anything else in the rest of the schematic.


This is a loaded question I know, and I don't know if I posted it in the right place on here. Please let me know if it is in the wrong place and I'll move it to a more appropriate place.


Thanks in advance for the help.

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Download and install the "Board Design Files" files for the CY8CKIT-059. Then you'll find on your PC under C:\Cypress the documentation and schematics for that board with the USB connections.