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PSoC™ 5, 3 & 1

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Hey all


I'm using the Psoc 5 and have instantiated the UART module v1.20. I noticed that after a call to USART_Start() i have to wait a bit before I can use PutChar or PutString. A delay of even just 1ms is enough, If no delay is present the first few characters are dropped. Any idea what's going on?



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Hi Abhijit,




It is recommended that you update to PSoC Creator v1.0 Production.


This version can be found at the following link




The latest version of UART Component available is version 2.0.


So you can update the UART component to this latest version from v1.2 and give it a try.


PutChar() and PrintString() are Blocking Statements and hence doesn't require any delay to be used.