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I am using psoc5lp-cy8c588lti. I am trying to do the example with UART and ADC, CE195277_ADC_and_UART. I connected pin P[0] to VDD. The problem is I don't get other readings beside a continous string of sampled data, and I dont manage to break the continous stream of data, as I should by using the character x or X. If I type E or C as stated in example, the terminal prints continously gibberish characters, and in between them  i see the value requested. But when i press s for a couple of items or continously the terminal starts to print the sampled data indefinetly. Again the terminal isn't responsive to characters that I type so i have to type them multiple times to get a response. What am I doing wrong ? I tried building a simple project with just UART to display something through pUtty or TeraTerm, to no succes.Baud rate and other settings between Putty and UART are set accordingly ( the baud rate is 9600 for both).


putty 2.png


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Hi @T0ma ,

So as per your thread subject, I tried programming CY8C5888LTI-LP097 device with the CE195277_ADC_and_UART. I followed the exact instructions mentioned under the "Operation" of the CE's pdf file as shown below -


After programming the device, I connected P0[0] on the kit to VDD and then followed steps 4,5,6,7,8. I set the baud rate to 115200 in Tera Term as was mentioned in code example.  And the image shared below shows the output -


I got the above results by pressing C, E,E,E, S, X(to stop the continuous flow). This shows that the code example is working without any error at our end. Can you please let us know if I am missing any information here from your end?

Best Regards,