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PSoC™ 5, 3 & 1

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I'm interested in the description in the Section (Page 27) of CY8CKIT-059 PSoC5LP Prototyping Kit Guide (Doc. #: 001-96498 Rev. *G) as followed:
The KitProg board contains two dual-inline headers (J8 and J9). These headers are both 1x7-pin-headers, used to pull out several pins of PSoC 5LP to support advanced features like a low-speed oscilloscope and a low-speed digital logic analyzer.

I want to know that how to implement these advanced features like a low-speed oscilloscope and a low-speed digital logic analyzer in the CY8CKIT-059 KitProg.


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Cypress mentioned projects for Kitprog as examples.  AFAIK they didn't implement them.  They left that up to the user.

There are several example projects that do exist for KIT-059 (and other KITs), not necessarily for Kitprog, but they could be adapted for Kitprog.  Just part of the learning experience.

Rather lengthy thread on this topic, but lots of good info:
PSoC5LP: Oscilloscope, Logic Analyser, Signal Gene... - Cypress Developer Community

Hendrik Lipka - admScope
And his video demonstration:
mixed analog digital scope - YouTube

And an excellent project (by odissey1) to implement an oscilloscope while viewing output on a PC monitor for PSoC 4 and PSoC 5LP:
SerialPlot: interface to real-time data charts - Cypress Developer Community

There are many more examples and different approaches.  Some are simpler, some are more complex.  It all depends on how much effort you want to put into it.  Search the web.

BTW, I highly recommend you read the Kitprog (Kitprog1) User Guide.  It provides details on how to program app's into it and how to restore it for future KIT-059 FLASH programming.  The guide is loaded as part of KIT-059 installation or you can download it from Cypress:
KitProg User Guide (  You'll want Kitprog1 guide.

Good luck with your project.