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A client of mine needs to make significant firmware changes to a legacy product that incorporates a PSoC1. Their PSoC1 development tools have long since been lost or discarded, and these tools are obsolete and mostly not available for purchase anywhere that I can find. (I was able to purchase a CY8CKIT-001 from eBay.)

I am primarily interested in the CY3215A-DK ("ICE-Cube") kit.

Secondarily it would help to if I could get the CY8CKIT-008 (CY8C29 Processor Module).

Does Infineon (or anyone  else on this forum) have either of these items gathering dust that I, on behalf of my client, could beg, borrow, or buy?

Any assistance or suggestions would be highly appreciated.

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Send email with shipping name and address to dennis.seguine@infineon.com.
I'll search private stock and lab and let you know what I can find.

---- Dennis Seguine, PSoC Applications Engineer