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Hi all,


I happened to learn about CY8CKIT-059 the other day. The hardware sounded interesting and the price is a steal. So, even though the severe case of Microsoftitis in the software side I decided to give it a go and bought myself one. I figured I can always dust off the old WinXP install CD and run a VM.


Right. So far I've spent hours tinkering with the setup and I'm already regretting this. The VM and PSoc Creator in it work otherwise as one would expect, except for programming the actual device.


I've been trying to get just the basics working using the Blinking LED example. Compilation part goes without a hitch, but when trying to program it into the device (Debug->Program), I get nothing. The "Select Debug Target" window opens after a couple of seconds but is empty.


If I open the PSoC Programmer, it displays the KitProg in Port Selection, but selecting the device just produces an error: Failed Connect to KitProg/13050C2F03314400 at 08:31:18    | Timeout of Write operation!




But if I put the device in bootloader mode by pressing the switch while plugging it in, PSoC Programmer suggests updating the firmware which succeeds. After doing this, I can switch to and from the Mass Storage mode by keeping the switch depressed for 5 seconds. Trying to program the device by copying the HEX file into this storage device doesn't work either. The copy operation goes less than half way through before stopping with an error. The resulting status.txt contains these lines:


Cypress KitProg Mass Storage Programmer.
Press and hold the Reset button (SW1) for 5 seconds to exit Mass Storage mode.
NOTE: Only PSoC4 Families are supported in this version.
STATUS: Programming failed! Device Acquire was unsuccessful! 




I'm currently using VirtualBox 5.1.2 but got exactly the same result with VMWare. Host OS is Linux. Curiously enough, when trying to program from PSoC Creator, my dmesg starts to fill with these messages: usbfs: usb_submit_urb returned -28"


I'm not going to get back the time I've already wasted with this, but I'd like to know if it is ever going to work? Has someone actually succeeded?



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Massstorage-mode has not been tested with Linux OS. So it may not work.







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Yes, it certainly does not. But that wasn't my problem, my problem is that it doesn't work even from a VM that is running WinXP. Neither does the normal programming mode.