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I have a Raspberry Pi and an unsnapped CY8CKIT-059 PSoC5 board that control a sealed underwater prototype robot. The Raspberry Pi communicates with the outside world via an ethernet tether connection. Plugging in the KitProg to a computer outside the robot is physically impossible without significant disassembly. I wanted to find an easy way to program the PSoC using the Raspberry Pi over the network.

I recently tried VirtualHere USB-over-IP software (https://www.virtualhere.com/) and found that it works perfectly to access the Pi-attached remote KitProg from my Windows 10 development desktop:


Both the KitProg programming interface in PSoC creator and the USB/Serial bridge on the KitProg seem to work fine.

This probably has narrow applicability outside of specific prototyping environments; eventually I'll find the time in my busy R&D schedule to write and test a bootloader host for in-system programming if I choose to continue with a PSoC5 motion controller.

But the VirtualHere USB-over-network approach is going to be a big time saver for me and I wanted to share.

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