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Hi, i'm a student who is taking a course of control devices. I recently acquired a PSoC 1 Evaluation Kit with the CY8C29466 as the main uC for this reason. I have a problem with my evaluation kit and i can´t found a specific reason:

Doing a laboratory practice, i was assigned to do an 555 piano circuit, normaly this don´t make use of the PSoC but the objetive is to put wires between the resistances and the pins of the Port1 of the IC, at the same time, 8 buttons are connected to port 1 using Pull Down settings (Modifying the Data Mode registers in the main code) , the port 0 is setting to Hi-z, until one of the buttons of P0 are pressed thus gives that one of the ports of the P1 is adjusted to Strong and Vcc (Using Data Mode and Data registers), if no button is pressed, all port 0 is Hi-z. The change to Strong and Vcc occurs only for one button pressed at the time.

I wrote the code taking note of the requirements both in C and Assembler, but i have a problem with the program part to the uC. First, i connected the 555 circuit to the pins of the evaluation board, disconnecting the JP1 to JP3 jumpers, the buttons with common Vcc, and the positive pins of the circuit to Vcc of the board with the ground of the circuit and board to the ground of the eval board, meaning, i plug my circuit to the evaluation board, finally, the buttons to P0 and resistances to P1 with the common of these to pin 7 of the 555 IC. I build the project in C first, open the program window and try to load but the problems appear: The board starts to blinking the LED power indicator and the red LED of the MiniProg with the windows saying BUSY|POWERED|CONNECTED, late, i give a communication error. Then i try to load the Assembler code into the board keeping the 555 circuit connected and this time i give a PASS in the Designer, i turn on the board and try by pressing the buttons but only 1 or 2 buttons give a speaker sound and the other nothing, as precaution i connected the P1 jumpers to the LED1 to LED4 and these light up, but if I return them to piano, nothing happens like if are 0V.

I send the code to a college partner to testing and he gets success in load the C code and sound for all the buttons for the circuit. Also i try to change resistors, debbuging the code, rearmed the circuit but, for my Evaluation Kit with the CY8C29466 installed from the beggining the practice is a failure.

What could have happened? It's a factory defect or something? I discard short circuits from innapropiate connections since i loaded a program for the LCD and connected the outputs to LEDs of the evaluations board also with the test of inputs with external buttons and everything worked. If i plug a power supply to the 555 circuit directly without uC works perfectly, but if i took power from the evaluation board without using the GPIO pins, no sound at all, ony static from a reused speaker, then if i connected as described before nothing changes.

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Hello Rafael,

I understand that you are using an external 555 circuit using power from the evaluation board.

Programming of CY8C29466 is OK if this external circuit is not connected

Programming of CY8C29466 fails if this external circuit is connected.

Can you make a wiring diagram, so that I can understand better?

Thanks, and regards,



Hi, Sam

Sorry for the big delay, but my problem is solved, i leave connected resistors to P_1_0 to P_1_2 pins, seems like Designer inject the code throught this connections. So, i unwire this pins and the programming works.

Thanks anyway