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PSoC™ 5, 3 & 1

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I was curious about the situation with the PSoC 5LP and the USBUART component, vis a vis PC side driver installation.

It looks like Creator will emit a driver as part of the generated code, but it is unsigned. Is there really no solution other than turning off driver signing and using this unsigned driver? Does Cypress not provide a signed driver? Any sly workaround that can't be officially supported?

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Can you please check this KBA


The Creator generated .inf and also this .inf will point to the Microsoft serial driver which is signed. Additionally you can use Microsoft certified driver from Cypress. This drivers will be installed if you have installed the Cypress Serial SDK 


Link: need to bind the device to the driver in the installation folder in this case.





Contributor II

OK, neat. 
Just for the sake of completeness, I am going to repeat the second link that you posted, since the url parser captured an extra period and word with it, making an invalid URL.
It should be :

All of this driver stuff is so complicated ... but I am sure there are one or more people at Cypress whose whole job is just dealing with Windows drivers.

Using the CywinCDC driver from the first link (KBA91366), the USBUART functionality does appear to work. The driver is signed, but unfortunately you have to go through the esoteric steps of "Have disk", selecting the INF, and forcing the driver to be used, even when Windows reports: "windows cannot verify that it is compatible with your hardware".
But it does work! I can get serial comms, and didn't have to disable driver signing.

Using the "USB-Serial Software Development Kit" from the second link, none of the files therein seem to have a driver that Windows will automatically identify and associate with the device 😕

Also, the default PID for the USBUART component in PSoC Creator is 0xF232, which doesn't appear in the CywinCDC INF file. Maybe that is the reason?

This is all in the context of using one of the FreeSOC2 development boards, from SparkFun. The tutorial for getting started with the board references the need to disable Windows driver signing to get the driver to work, for both setting up for their Arduino-style support and for using the board with PSoC Creator . It looks like they are just using INF driver from the Generated Source itself, which appears to be not signed, and does require disabling signing.

It would be pretty great if this could be sorted out to work automatically, or at least a little easier. Seeing that the board manufacturer itself isn't aware of a solution that doesn't require disabling driver signing indicates that there is already some confusion.
Stuff that works out-of-the-box is much more likely to succeed. Sure, the DIY/maker/hobbyist market is probably only a tiny slice of the Cypress business, but then again, Arduino does sell hundreds of thousands of boards a year and is quickly becoming a standard item in universities.