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I am working on a project with a CY8C5868-AXI-LP035 (also used in the 5LP module for CY8CKIT-001), 


This project has the real estate for only one port. So I am trying to use an USB micro connector (which has 5 pins). 


This allows me to connect a MiniProg 5pin conn appropriately  to the PSoC  for programming.


With proper routing, this leaves the USB data pins (2 & 3)  tied to  the PSoC SWD pins (15.6 & 15.7).




What I am trying to do now is use the USB data pins as a UART signal to a PC (ie a terminal or script program). 


However PSoC Creator 3.2 will not allow me to manually route pins 15.6 and 15.7 to the  UART Tx and Rx pins,


even when I choose System settings  Debug Select = GPIO,  Enable Device Protection = Yes. 


(Which is supposed to free the SWD pins for GPIO).




Can anyone suggest how I get Creator to use this pins for UART communication?




Additionally, on the CY8CKIT-001, are there any other contact points for the J9 USB connector other than the two white loop testpoints for Dp and Dm? I haven't found any ports that I can plug into...






Thanks for any advice.



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This might help -




http://www.cypress.com/documentation/application-notes/an72382-using-psoc-3-and-psoc-5lp-gpio-pins      AN72382 - Using PSoC® 3 and PSoC 5LP GPIO Pins




Attached fixed pin constraints.




Regards, Dana.

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Thank you for the advice.