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I'm working with the PSOC 5LP Dev kit and a Wiznet W5500 chip.  I've successfully setup communication between the two devices and I've even sent information back and forth in a loopback test.  In my project folder under Design4_HTTP I've successfully taking the demo project that I found on the Wiznet Github website and I've been able to create a web server and I can access the different pages of the website.  I was having a problem when I would try to turn on a LED on my Dev board from the website or read the A/D, nothing was happening.  So I went to debug my project but when I would start the debugger the debugger always wants to go to the function (void * _sbrk) in the Cm3Start.C file and I couldn't get to any of the breakpoints that I set.  I've tried adjusting the heap and stack size and I've played with the Device Configuration Mode but each time I run the debugger after making a change the debugger kept running to that same function.  I'm looking for some help to keep the debugger from doing this so that I can figure out why the LED buttons and A/D reading are not working.



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sbrk() function is used by malloc() and other heap-utilizing functions to check for available memory.This was done so that this ensures that malloc(), et al, now correctly handle heap overflow.

You can refer to the system reference guide, it may help-



Thanks for the help.  I adjusted the size of a buffer in the program and I was able to run the debugger with no issues and I was able to get the web server page working.