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        After 2 weeks of work the chip suddenly failed after power off. PC jumps to strangle locations. The whole flash is write protected. The only thing I occasionally write is EEPROM.   
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As far as I know, most devices fail when they are switched On!


I would suggest to read-out the flash and compare it with the desired hex. When you have debugging capabilities integrated to your board you even may inspect the memory contents.





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Suspect as always is tranients on I/O pins that inject charge into the


substrate, and potentially corrupt FLASH cells. Or transients on Vdd


that exceed gate ox breakdown. Best way of detecting a condition like


this is a DSO set to trigger on something like this -




Vss - .7V >  Vtrig > Vdd + .7V




and look at key interface pins talking to loads than can generate


transients, like a relay, a MOSFET driving a relay (transient feedback


thru Cgd). Set up jig to cycle power, and enable DSO on signal that


triggers power up and down.




This is vary tedious to find, patience is a virtue.




Also in general power supply sequencing, make sure PSOC comes up


before any I/O loads do. If you cannot guarentee that make sure all pins


clamped by zener arrays, avaialable from On Semi, Vishay, Fairchild to


name a few.




Regards, Dana.

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How do you find the PC corrupted?


Would there be some cases where your EEPROM value is out of your expected range and your program perform not as you expected?