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        I'm looking at the possibility of using Cyfi for our products.   
We want to use this wireless technology for communication between a remote controller and several Light dimmer.   
With one remote controller you will be able to dim / change colours of several light dimmer. (select the device and change it according to your wishes)   
Is it possible to use multiple remotes to controll all light dimmers?   
Because you Bind a Hub (remote controller) with a node (light dimmer) my understanding is dat you can only controll the light dimmer with the remote which was used for binding.   
Are there any solutions to use multiple remotes?   
Are there any "Cyfi modules" available which can be plugged onto our pcb.   
(just like you have the WUSB pre made modules)   
This will save us a lot of design time. (we do not have to care about pcb layout)   
If yes; are these modules available as samples?   
Thanks, BR,   
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        Hi Jasper,   
Currently, it is not possible to have multi-master CyFi networks. There is only one hub allowed per network, and thus you cannot have multiple remotes talk to the lights.   
For this particular application, I would recommend you look at our EZ-Color product portfolio. Since EZ-Color controllers are based on the PSoC architecture, they also support CyFi (so you can have HB LED control and wireless communication in one device).   
As for your second question, Artaflex Inc. is currently sampling modules based on CyFi. You can contact them through this website: www.artaflexmodules.com   
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        Hi Jasper,   
One more thing...there actually may be a way to implement the functionality that you want, with the addition of one device.   
Here it is:   
1. Implement your lights as always-on nodes (these will be in receive mode always)   
2. Implement your remotes as regular nodes (these will transmit only when buttons are pressed)   
3. Create an external hub that would route the messages between the remotes and lights   
So if you wanted a network of 10 lights and 2 remotes, your network would be made up of 12 nodes and 1 hub.   
This has several advantages. One, it allows any combination of lights and remotes. Second, since the hub is wall-powered, it can have power amplification to reach the lights. Third, it works within the framework of CyFi SNP as it stands today.   
The one disadvantage it has is the need to implement the external hub.   
What do you think?