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I am trying to interface ESP-12E (NodeMCU) with PSoC 5LP. This module has reset pin, which is called nRST. It is an Active Low. This pin is already driven using a circuit in NodeMCU (see attached image). I also want to drive this as well from PSoC 5LP. My requirement is when PSoC drives it Low, it will stay low irrespective of NodeMCU state and when PSoC is in HighZ mode NodeMCU can drive this pin. I have shown my idea in attached image. Is it fine if I use this schematic and PSoC output in open drain drive low mode? If not, what should be solution if I want to drive nRST using PSoC and NodeMCU as well.

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Yes, it is normal.
Or you can use Resistive Pull Up mode to guarantee a high state of this output.