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PSoC™ 5, 3 & 1

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 I am developing one device where i need to turn on  LED when signal become high and turn off LED when signal become low .during the LED blinking i have to control the LED light intensity through push up/down botton or  (through capsence).


i have attached a jpg of my input signal which is for turn OFF and ON 10 times in 1 sec .


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Esteemed Contributor

Then I would consider using a comparator (simplest) to detect level


and in turn in code use that to enable a PWM. When PWM active


use its compare value to control duty cycle, hence brightness of






Set PWM period so that it is ~ 100 Hz or more to avoid flicker in LED.




Note timer would work here as well. Or SSDM module, it will result in


better EMI reduction.




Regards, Dana.

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