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Hello, Members

I am trying to filter N 24 bit data (sample 1 ~ sample N) by describing the API as follows.

Filter_Write24(Filter_Channel_A, sample1);

Filter_Write24(Filter_Channel_A, sample2);

Filter_Write24(Filter_Channel_A, sample3);

Filter_Write24(Filter_Channel_A, sampleN);

Is it possible to filter data with API description like this?
I am worried that the processing speed of the Filter can not keep up with the speed at which the value is written to the Staging Register.

Best Regards.

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The filter can work up to 67MHz. Your problem will be: How to get the data in a reasonable speed. ADC works up to 1MHz. Digital data from extern can be captured at HFClk.

So can you please tell us what you exactly want to perform.