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PSoC™ 5, 3 & 1

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Herkulex DRS-0101 and DRS-0201 are smart servo motors.  The motors also incorporate gear reducer, control circutry and communications capability in one single package. Both servos are capable of detecting and responding to internal changes in termerature and voltage supply. For more information regarding Herkulex servo motors refer to the link :  http://www.sgbotic.com/products/datasheets/robotics/herkulexeng.pdf


I have built a simple project to send commands to herkulex motor. For this, I have migrated the arduino library which is already available for herkulex motor to PSoC compatible library. The arduino library for herkulex motor is available at :-  http://mbed.org/users/passionvirus/code/herkulex/file/1dacff31b77a/herkulex.cpp


The library I have used i.e., herkulex.h will support PSoC 3/4/5LP is migrated from arduino library for herkulex motor present in the above link with some minor changes. I haven't tested the code completely. So the user may need to do a few changes to the code/library (herkulex.h) if required.


- Thinkle

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