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This is my first time using PSoC Creator.  I'm also not an expert C guy, but getting up to speed.


The error resides in the device.h and is the only line of code:  #include <project.h>


I understand what device.h is, but can't find anything on project.h accept an Internet organization.


If this is just a general newbie C problem, could recommend some reading?


If not, please help with the specifics,


Thanks in advance.

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Compile error: prj.M0121:can't open file 'project.h' (Newbie first time compile)

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The project.h file is generated by the build process automatically.




Below is an example of an empty build on a PSOC 3 project.




Post your project archive, "file", "create workspace bundle" and forum can take a look at it.




Regards, Dana.




 * File Name: project.h
 * PSoC Creator 3.0 Component Pack 7
 *  Description:
 *  This file is automatically generated by PSoC Creator and should not
 *  be edited by hand.
 * Copyright 2008-2013, Cypress Semiconductor Corporation.  All rights reserved.
 * You may use this file only in accordance with the license, terms, conditions,
 * disclaimers, and limitations in the end user license agreement accompanying
 * the software package with which this file was provided.

#include <cyfitter_cfg.h>
#include <cydevice.h>
#include <cydevice_trm.h>
#include <cyfitter.h>
#include <cydisabledsheets.h>
#include <CyDmac.h>
#include <CyFlash.h>
#include <CyLib.h>
#include <cypins.h>
#include <cyPm.h>
#include <CySpc.h>
#include <cytypes.h>
#include <PSoC3_8051.h>


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As a beginner, I also encountered this situation.
First build, project.h appears.
And then it compiles, and there are no errors.