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Hi guys!


I tried to program my PSoC5 today. Sadly, it is not recognized with the KitProg at all. I have 3.3V on all VDD pins and 1.8V on all VCC pins (generated from internal regulator. I have caps on every pin as explained in the application note. I also recieve a clock on the ck pin and data on the io pin of the SWD interface of the chip. So I am wondering: can I flash that thing with the CY8CKIT-042-BLE or is that my mistake? Or could it be that I broke the chip by applying 5V to the VCC pins (which I first mistakenly did ...)? Or is there something else I have to take into account?


Any help is very much appreciated.





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What are the connections you made to your PSoC5 board and the BLE Kit? How is the BLE kit configured? Without Module? What else is connected to your PSoC5 board?


The programming can be done with the BLE Kit, better would be to get a CY8CKIT-059 and snap off the Kitprog, care for the 5V supply when programming.