Automated Plank Stabilization System

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i have a glass of water placed on a plank. i am holding the plank.I nedd a mechanism to rotate the plank and but eventhough i try to rotate the plank the mechanism should compensate the change and stabilise the plank so that the glass of water wont be affected that the level remeains tha same.The control must be done using Psoc C059 suggest me most economical way to do this and most easy and feasible way for hardware implementation .

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@ARNair2000 ,

Since you have a plank and a rotation point (fulcrum), consider the principal of the lever (Archimedes).  

Therefore place a counterweight on the other end of the plank (outside the glass) to keep the glass level.

If needed, the counter-weight should move along the plank to keep the plank level.

Additionally, you can use a 3-axis 2g accelerometer to detect when the plank is not 100% at 1g on the Z-axis (downward-axis).

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You can study a similar project on by Juan Esteban Paz, 

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Hi @ARNair2000 ,

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