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PSoC™ 5, 3 & 1

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mi_CY8Kit-059.pngHello everybody

I thank very much to Oddisey1 who has been orientating me, but for now has not time to help me.  In the time of this project, I buyed the CY8CKIT-059 PSoC 5 -LTI- 059 and some ' Motor control shields with IFX007T' .  The last didn't work for me as they don't achive the 5 KHz, but anyway will be useful in the next project: an  inverter.   For now, I'm told to dive in the project : "DMA"  So I downloaded it, but It is the first project I'd run with a PSoC (I had some experience with PICs and had seen several videos of PSoC implementations, as, and the project DMA 3phase is there, but has not an explanation for beginners with PSoC.    Initially, I can see the project on PSoC Creator 4.2 now installed on my computer.

So, is there someone who could exlplain me the components of this project?  I know that I have to read what each component does, but I don't know why are they configured or connected as they are, or why these program components are there, or HOW CAN I ADAPT THIS TO MY PROJECT (this last question is the only one really important, the rest can be let for later revision), which for now is just to generate a 3phase about continous sinus signal at about 5 KHz, tunnable, not feedback (not a motor).  That is  just what I need to solve.    Later I'll see power stage.    

Thank you for your help



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Hi Luis,

I guess you have received the recompiled projects already. "But has not an explanation for beginners with PSoC" - regarding the PSoC creator components you can always check the creator component datasheet(right click on the component and check the datasheet). For custom components created by Users, this might not be helpful. Regarding project specific information too, the example creator will be able to help you better.

Best Regards,