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PSoC™ 5, 3 & 1

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Just started using the psoc 5 and learning C programming a few days ago.


Figured I would share my frist project with everyone.


I know the coding is crude, but it was done just as a way to start using the psoc 5.


I have a few projects in mind for using it, and need to learn so much,


as there really is a lot going on in this chip.


any pointers as to using pwm for DDS in the 300KHz range and at 1Hz steps.


Also need to know how to get at the SC/CT blocks directly so I can make my own part.


So much to learn, so little time. 🙂


Anyways, I will post more as I learn more abot this chip and hope that other will find it useful.

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The project at the Cypress web site compiles but does not seem to


work, for the indexed DDS. I have filed a CASE and will post results


when I get them.




Also you might file a CASE requesting contact with author to see if he


can confirm your target spped goals.




Regards, Dana.

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I filed a CASE on that project yesterday, will post forum as soon as I get


result. I too found it not to work when i attempted to use on a PSOC 5.




Regards, Dana.