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I'm used to msp430 counters with set/reset or toggle settings.
But on proc-ble could this be done using just one tcpmw counter, or is two needed?


Or I should use one timmer-isr? and toggle the pins in software, as a stepper motor rpm is pretty low.


on a PSOC the OV & UN using up/down mode could been routed to flipflops, to create this 90deg signal?
​Attached is the picture of counter wise stepping on in1 and in2 (ic is a LB1848MC)

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You are here in the PRoC furum. A PRoC can only perform what you want using two TCPWM components.


In the PSoC 42xx BLE world there are UDB - based components which you may use for your purpose quite better. There you find flip-flops and look-up-tables that will help you generating the two desired waveforms with the appropriate frequency.


A timer isr would be the easiest solution and will probably work up to 1kHz but might get distorted by the BLE interrupts.