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PSoC™ 4

Level 2
Level 2


I am trying to implement Fixed stack BLE OTA uploading on PSoC 4200 BLE  [CY8C4248LQI-BL583]. I have done all the steps as described in the PDF but I am getting error as mentioned above.

Error is "Build error: CyBle.h: No such file or directory"  file is pointed to ota_mandatory.h. In pdf they have mentioned 6 header files and 3 source files to copy from fixed stack bootloadable workspace. So there is no Cy_Ble folder in our PWM_Example01 to contain Cy_Ble.h and other files. Do I need to copy that folder also?

Please someone help me asap.

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Fixed stack OTA bootloadable project uses code sharing of BLE API from bootloader project. The BLE API are declared in ota_mandatory.h header file which itself references BLE API headers copied to the bootloadable project.

  • Please copy BLE header files to ${Bootloadable}/CyBle/ folder from ${Bootloader}/Generated_Source/PSoC4/CyBle*.h.
  • This folder ( ${Bootloadable}/CyBle/ ) needs be added in the compiler include paths list as well. You can refer to the fixed stack bootloadable code example project available in PSoC Creator; File > Code Example > BLE_OTA_FixedStack_Bootloader / BLE_OTA_FixedStack_Bootloadable.

The steps outlined in the attached code example document would be helpful.

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