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In the OTA update process, sometimes the BLE disconnected on the customer board. The disconnection error code is 0x28 (CYBLE_HCI_INSTANT_PASSED_ERROR). I do not find more data about this error. What is this error? What is the reason? How to fix this?

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The Instant Passed error code indicates that an LMP PDU or LL PDU  ( for example LL_CONNECTION_UPDATE_REQ PDU for changing the connection parameter ) that includes an instant cannot be performed because the instant when this would have occurred has passed.

So, for example when the master sends this PDU (LL_CONNECTION_UPDATE_REQ PDU), it will sends an instant value as a part of this PDU.

The Instant field of the LL_CONNECTION_UPDATE_REQ PDU shall be used to indicate the connEventCount when the updated parameters shall be applied; this is known as the instant. The master should allow a minimum of 6 connection events that the slave will be listening for before the instant occurs.

Hope above clears about the error message.

Now to resolve this issue --

-> Are you changing the connection parameters after the BLE connection has established ? If yes, check what is the Slave latency number you have used. Try with a lesser number for slave latency  (eg. 0)

-> Are you using the Low Power Modes in your design and also changing the WCO Sleep Clock Accuracy? If yes , please refer the page #12 for correct configuration from this document -http://www.cypress.com/file/140991/download

-> Which BLE device are you using ? If you are using a Module solution ( CYBLE-xxxxxxx-xx) part , assign the correct cap-trim values for the ECO as per the below document - ECO Capacitance Trim Values for EZ-BLE™ Modules - KBA218990