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Hi , i build device (project found at internet ) with CY8C4245LQI-483 . I assembled device and try to program by CY8CKIT-042 , this kit contains SWD programmer to program internal CY8C4245AXI-483 , i disconnect built in procesor by removing R34, R32 , R33 , and i connected SWDIO ( instead R32 ) SWDCLK( instead R33) and reset (instead R34) , also i connected Vdd and GND , programmer works with built in processor , and do not work with external processor , i have ERROR

"FAILED! Timeout of SROM polling. Lost communication with chip" . What is wrong ? , i have only HEX file for my project , should i have any additional file to configuration ?

Maybe will it works with lower SWD clock speed , but in my kit is only 1.6MHz and is not changeable ( inactive) .

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Could you double-check the hardware connection, VDDA, VDDD and VCCD have been connected correctly?

Kindly refer the troubleshooting of PSoC.

Troubleshooting PSoC® 3/4/5LP Programming/Debugging Issues - KBA210619