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PSoC™ 4
Hi,I have a situation where I am trying to reduce the current consumption when my chip is active (I need it to be able to start up on low input voltag... Show More
PSoC™ 4
HiThe PSoC 4 44 pin package is what we are currently using and wish to go to a smaller package if possible so I looked on the datasheet and found the ... Show More
PSoC™ 4
USB "Not Recognized" on some lot numbers, but fixed by updating cy_boot 5.60→5.70? was closed so I can't reply there.I updated cy_boot from 5.70 to 5.... Show More
PSoC™ 4
Hello,I am trying to interface CY8C4245AXI-483 with ESP8266. The code is attached below.As per my knowledge, the code should get the ip address and al... Show More
PSoC™ 4
Dear,      we are willing to use assembly language(don't use C) to design with PSOC 4 MCU, but we can't find much more user guide for assembly,includi... Show More
PSoC™ 4

I am not able to select a target kit during create project.

PSoC™ 4
Receiving a CYBLE 224116 (4.2) to upgrade from 224110 (4.1)Do I need to make any specific changes in the Top Design/Code? Show More
PSoC™ 4
Hello,Customers are trying to place ferrite beads in the VDD and GND wiring as a noise countermeasure on the power supply line where switching power s... Show More
PSoC™ 4
Hi,I have solved this problem by referring to USBFS: Use of APIs in DMA Auto Mode Memory Management and as such have edited this question.  Thank you. Show More
PSoC™ 4
您好,我们使用的芯片为Psoc4 4247LQI483,该系列芯片中有两个LPcomparator,我们的目的是使两个比较器输出的上升沿,分别触发两个中断程序。我们的问题是,当勾选LPcomparator的中断使能时,提示我们使用global signal reference并且选择LPCompIn... Show More
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