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CYBLE-012011-00 have option for WCO on P3.7 and P2.3


With ECO you just checkmark EXTCLK in the highfreq clocks setting window,
but in lowfreq there is no settings for this.


As cyble don't have PWM in deepsleep,
I'm trying with use a divided WCO out + series capacitor to create short external signals.
Something like a short blip of 1ms twice a second.​


Or is the WCO-pin just a input for use with external oscillators ?
Same with ECO-pin?, they are just inputs?​


Attaching a clk to a gpio pin seems possible, but only using existing LFCLK at 32KHz is close enough
​There is not possible to create a new systemwide 2Hz clock that works in deepsleep?


As CYBLE-012011 have a 24MHZ Crystal, I should just disable IMO everywhere right?

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