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Dear all,

I use PSoC Creator 4.2 and the project that I inherited have a CapSense component released at V7.0 and developed by PSoC Creator 4.2 too but I do not know its settings.

My PSoC Creator SW alert me about the CapSense Component: "Cannot find v 7.0 of component CapSense_P4". I tried to update the component by the option "Update Components" but I can able only to "downgrade" the component to V5.0.

I have found this discussion but this procedure does not work: after the downgrading of CapSense component to V5.0 and the restarting the PSoC Creator SW, the highest available version of CapSense is V5.0 still.

How can I get CapSense V7.0 with PSoC Creator 4.2?

Thanks in advance.

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You can try to install PSOC Creator 4.4 with all updates, therefore CapSense 7.0 will be in default libraries.

In workspace explorer right click on your project, and select "Import Component...":


After that you should select "Import from project/library:"

and select default component library which is by default located at

C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\PSoC Creator\4.4\PSoC Creator\psoc\content\CyComponentLibrary\CyComponentLibrary.cylib


So it looks like that and you can choose any default component to copy into your project:


After that in your 'Components' tab in workspace explorer there will be instance of CapsSense_P4_v7_0 and it should be available in your design:


Hope it helps!