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I need to update CY8C29X66 software hat was written in Assembler using PSOC 4 system. Is there any modern equivalent In Circuit Emulation (ICE) available today to update the software?

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Hello @Menno ,

There are a lot of differences between the CY8C29xxx family and PSoC4 family peripherals, apart from the CPU. This will require redesigning the firmware assembly source. Starting from scratch would be the most optimum way to port CY8C29xxx assembly to PSoC4 Assembly or C. Unfortunately, there is no tool which can convert CY8C29xxx assembly to the assembly or C source code targeting other MCU architectures.

Best regards,

Sampath Selvaraj


Thank you for the response.

I have the Psoc Designer ver 4.4 b1884 dated 14 Jan 2007 up and running
with the assembly code compiling correctly as per the original code.

I can make the software changes, but the problem is that I cannot
emulate these changes and confirm them being good. Just loading the code
into the target and hope for the best is a losing bet. The changes I
need to make are pretty extensive. There are a lot of these systems out
there that need this update.

Hence, I was wondering if the newer versions of the support software
(Psoc 5??) might have an in circuit emulation mode for the CY8C29X66. OR
that there is some way to accomplish this some other way.

Seems Assembler development of compact software loads is not part of
this generation.

thank you for your help

Menno Stoffels
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PSoC1 parts (including 29xxx) use an external emulator (ICE) for development. PSoC3, 5LP, and 4 parts have
the emulation capability built into the chip, eliminating the need for the ICE. This capability is not built into the
PSoC1 chips and never will be. I have one ICE and set of debug pods for PSoC1 but they are currently loaned out
to another customer. I'll check with that customer to see what his schedule is like and how soon I can ship that
ICE you. Send an email to dennis.seguine@infineon.com with your phone number and we can talk about this
---- Dennis Seguine, Senior PSoC Applications Engineer