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Is it possible to use the USB debug/upload port of the CY8CKIT 042 development/evaluation  kit (PSoC 4200) in an application without external wires?

I want it to send & receive data through the COMx port in an PC application like the serial send in Arduino but with a shield on its back. Thanks in advance!

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It is my understanding, that you want to communicate with PSoC4   Pioneer Board using USB-UART bridge, built into PSoC5 programmer. For example, like this


Here PSoC4 UART Tx pin 0.5 is connected to PSoC5  Rx pin 12.6 using an external wire. It is my guess that the wire prevents using an Arduino-style external shield, which you would like to attach on top of the Pioneer Board.

In such case I would recommend to plug the shield, and to solder Tx/Rx wires at the back of the Pioneer Board. For  PSoC4 Tx and Rx pins you need to select any pins that are not used by the shield.


PS. The drawing above was made using free librarie

KIT-042: annotation component for CY8CKIT-042 Pioneer Kit

PSoC Annotation Library v1.0