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I would like to send data over this bridge, but cannot seem to do so. I am able to connect the devices over bluetooth. How do I start the transmission of the UART data from the peripheral to the central device? Any help here is appreciated!

Thank you,

Julian Runyon

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Hello Julian,

In the GITHUB example project BLE-UART, a custom BLE service – Server_UART – is implemented in the project, which makes use of two custom characteristics:

§  Server_UART_Rx_data: To receive data from any central device via write without response commands.

§  Server_UART_Tx_data: To transmit data to any central device via notifications.

Once the BLE central device is connected to the BLE peripheral device, you can open two UART terminal windows - one for the peripheral device and another for the central device. Now, you can input data in the UART terminal of the peripheral device and see the same being displayed in the UART terminal of the central device.


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