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Due to supply chain issues I have a prototype product with a mix of the following parts:



CY8C4248LTI-L475 (originally intended part)

In PSoC Creator I'm able to use one binary by compiling for CY8C4247LTI-L475, since this part is a subset of all the listed parts.  If I try to use that hex file to program the boards using PSoC Programmer 3.29.1 it produces an error and will not program.  Is there a way to resolve this?  If in the future I'm forced to buy a mix of parts again I would like the CM to be able to use PSoC Programmer and not have to launch the Creator.

As a side note the .cyacd file does work with all the parts for boot loading.

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Hi @MattDunwyvern ,

This is not possible because you have to create different projects for each MPN.


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Expanding on the above reply . . .
Yes, it would be nice to be able to download the same .hex file to all of the chips because your original project is a subset of the others (-L485 has UDBs, -L475 does not), and it should work. LTQ is simply an extended temperature range of the LTI package.
... but ... each chip has a different Silicon ID (which you can see in by right-clicking the project name and looking in the device selector) and this becomes part of the .hex file. It's easy to make a separate .hex file by making a separate project (suggest including the package reference in the project name) for each chip version. Just copy the project to a new name, change the part number using device selector, build, program, and you're done. You don't have to re-write any code.
Sorry for the hassle, but in spite of the commonalities, there are differences and they must be accounted for in the .hex files.

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