Problems with multiple tasks MicroC/OS III

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ello there,

I created a program in Psoc 4 BLE using uC / OS III, however when I add a task for the button and send it to Psoc and put it to work, the other tasks start normally, but do not do their functions normally, that is , they start and remain the same as they started, without doing their job. Could someone please check my program for me. The problem is in the App_Botao_Pedestre_1_Task task.

To access the project, open Psoc Create and then click on "file-> Open-> Project / workspace" and open the folder "Micrium\Examples\Cypress\CY8CKIT-044\OS3\PSoC\OS3.cywrk"

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Hi @RoFr_4201436

I see that you have created another thread regarding the same project - Problem interrupt Psoc 4 - uC/OS . Can you please let me know if you were able to get the tasks to run simultaneously?

If you are using uC/OS III, you should be able to achieve time-slicing as long as the priority of each task is the same. 

Thanks and Regards,
Rakshith M B

I think to activate time-slicing, just put this function in the main function: OSStart (& os_err) It works perfectly, however, when I put the button task with the same priority, the program just stops, I can't solve it.


And yes, I am using uC/OS III