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PSoC™ 4

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I have been working on a project using the CYBLE-222005-00 module (BLE 4.1) and nicely developed all the required features including BLE beaconing, deep sleep, etc. Now the hardware platform has moved to CYBLE-222014-01 (BLE 4.2) and certain functionalities of my software stopped working (I guess related to deep sleep mode but I can't confirm that). I didn't expect this at all, I thought this would be a fairly painless move. Before getting deep into debugging and wasting a lot of time I thought to ask if there's a migration guide for the new module? If not anyone with more understanding could maybe point out differences or potential incompatibilities between the two modules? I tried both PSoC Creator 3.3 and 4.0. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!




UPDATE: It seems that the I2C module behaves strangely. I do an I2C_Stop() call before deep sleep and I suspect this causes the code to crash. Is it possible that I2C is different on the BLE 4.2 module?

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Please post your code that is not working correctly so we can check it.