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When is the Spanning option in the Pin component going to be given separate control from the Contiguous option?  Or, if it has been overlooked, can it be changed soon? 

It states in both the component and in old and new documentation that this change will occur in the future. The link below is to a workaround from a similar question asked a few years ago, but if the option is supposed to exist without a workaround, I would like to use that.  In my case, I am running two CAN controllers, hardware dedicated for each a single and dual wire CAN bus, on the same port, due to component spacing.  The dedicated RX pins are not contiguous, so contiguous can't be used.  Since they are on the same port, two separate pin components, each with interrupts, can't be used.  And the spanning option can't be enabled if a dedicated interrupt is to be used, since the interrupt is port specific.

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Hi @CoLy_3905441 ,

We have raised an internal ticket for the query and we are checking if the issue has been fixed or not.