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Level 3
Level 3

I'd ordered the PSOC4 Pioneer Kit and some chips from PSoC 4200 and PSoC 4100 Families on August 30,
and 3.5 days later the chips were brought to me. Another 2 days later kit arrived too. Great!

My ten years old PC has some slow USB 1.x ports on system board, and USB 2.0 on the PCI-USB adapter.
Slow ports has revealed some problems operating with the kit, but USB 2.0 operated OK. LED was blinking.


Today - at last! - I try to play with the kit.Before I had some very limited experience with PSoC Designer 4.3
and ICE-4000. And no experience with PSoC Creator. Yet my play was lucky one.
I chose to try the CapSense, which wasn't in my ICE-4000.
I opened in PSoC Creator the CapSense.cywrk under "Examples and Kits". It asked for update. I have allowed.
CapSense_CSD_P4 was updated ver.1.0 to 1.10.
Then I do Build CapSense - it takes some time, about minute or two, then Program, then Debug,
then Resume Execution. The LED stops blinking.
And then tried the Slider (Sensor) with finger.
It works: changes LED glow from red to green proportionally to finger position on Slider.
As much as if it were a normal (res.) slider!

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Level 3
Level 3

 CY8CKIT-042 PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit includes a few modes and functions (Appendix A.4, p.107 of the Guide, 


Doc. # 001-86371 Rev. *D). But you need to solder or unsolder the resistors to access them 


- Why not use jumpers instead? In similar manner as is done in PC.