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PSoC™ 4

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I'm having a problem trying to update by CySmart my bootloader app with a combinaison project, this project contains a bootloadable linked to de bootloader of the bootloader app, and a bootloader linked to a BLE component.

That bootlaoder is setted as default, since there is also a bootloadable component it cannot be setted as dual bootloader.

In the bootloader app there is a bootloader linked to a BLE component, this bootloader is setted as dual-bootloader.

The main goal is that you can continuously update the PSOC without returning to the bootloader app, thats why the bootlaodable app must have a bootloader (combinaison project).

The update process always fails indicating the same error: "The row checksum does not match the computed value".

I've tried also to set the bootloader of the bootlaoder app as single but the same error occurs. Launcher mode neither works since then it doesn't even show up in the list for be updated.

I wonder if there is any way that it can work, or a way that the bootlaodable apps don't need to reset to the bootlaoder app for update the PSOC again.

Thank you in advance.

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PSoC 4 BLE supports only 3 types of Bootloading over OTA configurations.

1. External memory OTA Bootloader

2. Fixed Stack OTA Bootloader

3. Upgradable Stack OTA bootloader

Please note that all the above 3 configurations are for a single application. The reason why the dual application is not supported for BLE OTA is because of the size of the BLE stack. So if you want to bootload over the air through BLE, you should be using one of the above 3 mentioned configurations.

Among those 3 configurations, we recommend you to use Upgradable stack OTA bootloader since you can upgrade the BLE stack as well as the application.

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