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Hello Everyone,

I'm using 4100PS development kit CYC8KIT-147.

in my project i used one PWM block and 2 timer for capturing and reload to measure frequency and duty cycle, but when i tried to connect PWM output line or line_n to reload or capture  then i'm getting the following errors which you can see in the attached picture.

If anyone has an idea then please share.

Thank you

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I'm afraid that it is because 41xx does not contain UDB, so the flexibility of internal connection is not as good as 42xx.

Off my head, you could try

(1) Use PSoC 42xx

(2) Try using SmartIO to establish such connection(s)

(3) Connect these connections to external pins and connect them using jumper wires.


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Sadly, the PSoC4 part you have chosen (PSoC4100PS) has very minimal digital routing options.  This is why the Application Build phase of PSoC Creator is complaining.  For example, this part has no UDB resources.

Other (earlier) versions of the PSoC4 have more functional digital routing like of the type you tried to perform in the TopDesign schematic.

For reasons not stated by Cypress, they decided to devolve from a more flexible PSoC4 architecture to more of a "fixed" architeture.

Here is a schematic snip of the same circuit that builds.  However, it forces you to send the PWM "line' and "line_n" to a GPIO pins and externally connect it to GPIO input pins "reload" and "capture" of the Timer_Counters.



Sorry.  I wish I had a better answer.

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