OTA Device Firmware Update Error for CYBLE-202007-01 and CY5677 BLE Dongle

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I'm trying to make the OTA update from a CYBLE-202007-01 with a CY5677 BLE Dongle, but the Dongle doesn't recognize the CYBLE-202007-01 when it's advertising in Update mode.

I've followed the instructions for the AN97060 - PSoC® 4 BLE and PRoC™ BLE – Over-the-Air (OTA) Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) Guide for Upgradable Stack OTA Bootloader using the following Hardware and Software:

  • CYBLE-202007-01
  • CY5677 CYSMART BLE 4.2 USB Dongle (FW version:, HW version
  • PSoC Creator 4.1
  • CySmart 1.3 (computer with Windows 10)

I've managed to place the CYBLE-202007-01 in OTA mode for receiving a firmware update, and I'm able to successfully update the firmware but ONLY when using the CySmart App with smartphones (iOS and Android) with BLE 5.0 (not working with Android smartphones with 4.1 or 4.2 BLE).

I would like to know if the OTA update of a CYBLE-202007-01 is possible with the CY5677? Is it a Hardware compatibility problem?

I've followed the instructions from OTA update using CYBLE-202007-EVAL not working  but this hasn't solved the problem.

I've successfully made OTA updates of an CYBLE-214009-00 with the CY5677 and the Computer CySmart 1.3 without a problem.

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   -> Have you enabled the PA/LNA for CYBLE--202007-01?  Datasheet - http://www.cypress.com/file/318881/download  page#15.

   ->  Have you connected an external antenna to this module?

   -> Please note that if you are using on board PCB antenna ,you have to populate  cap (C14) and Inductor (L1)  as mentioned in the       datasheet ( http://www.cypress.com/file/318881/download  page#13).

For more info refer the thread- CYBLE-202007-EVAL disconnect frequently



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Hello, Chand:

Thank you for your response!

     -> Indeed I have enabled PA/LNA for CYBLE-202007-01 as suggested on pg. 15 of the Datasheet on both the main BLE project (BLE_OTA_Keyboard) as well as in the Stack project (BLE_OTA_Stack) as mentioned in this thread OTA update using CYBLE-202007-EVAL not working. I've also ensured the PSoC 4 BLE silicon device “Adv/Scan TX Power Level (dBm)” and “Connection TX Power Level (dBm)” in the BLE Component were both set to -12 dBm.

     -> I'm using the Pulse W1030 2.0 dBi Antenna connected via a uFl-SMA cable connector as suggested in Table 7. Qualified Antenna on pg. 14 of the Datasheet. The uFl connector is prepopulated on the PCB of the CYBLE-202007-01.

The BLE functions properly during the Keyboard project and during OTA, since I've successfuly updated the firmware via the Android and iOS CySmart App (only when using a smartphone with BLE 5.0).

The main issue is that the advertising for BLE OTA update is not recognized by the CY5677 BLE 4.2 USB Dongle (it doesn't work either with a BLE 4.1 USB Dongle).

Thanks again!



Hello DiegoRíos ,

   Then it seems like some application related issue. Did you modify the default project ?

Could you please attach your workspace bundle here ( Just right Click on the workspace name-> Archive workspace )

Did you try with setting the correct cap-trim values for the ECO for your selected device as per this link- ECO Capacitance Trim Values for EZ-BLE™ Modules - KBA218990  ?