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PSoC™ 4

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I'm making a simple project with a custom characteristic (with read, write and notify properties enabled) where I can modify a uint8 value.


With CySmart I can connect to the psoc, and read and write the characteristic value, so everything seems fine.


To test notifications, I added a button that when pushed it triggers an interruption, in which i write to the GATT database to modify the characteristic value. So when notifications are enabled, i should see a real time value change in the characteristic when I press the button.


The problem is that when i activate notifications by writing to the CCCD and then i press the button, the characteristic value doesn't change in real time, but if then i read the characteristic value, it's correctly updated, so the button interruption works and updates the characteristic value, but the notification code doesn't notify me the changes.


I submitted the code as an attachment

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