Mouser Program on Next-Generation Industrial Control Solutions Using PSoC 4 MCUs, F-RAM, & AVX Passives

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Learn all about how Cypress' PSoC 4 MCUs, Serial F-RAM, and AVX's Industrial-Grade Passives together enable Industrial Control solutions such as: Factory IoT Sensor Nodes, Programmable Logic Controllers, and Motor Control Systems.

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Industrial control applications consist of power and control circuits that need to operate continuously for years without failure. On top of that, there is often a lot of data that is collected from the end points that can be accessed to provide actionable intelligence on the system or individual components (such as motors, valves, pumps, etc.) to ensure peak performance and minimize downtime. Updating automation control infrastructures provides the opportunity to take advantage of the latest technology to help simplify and increase the efficiency and reliability of industrial processes. Another main consideration for system engineers: the industrial environment is harsh and unforgiving to electronic systems.

Together, Cypress and AVX offer a full line of products with high endurance and the ability to instantly capture and process data, plus fully address the harsh conditions of elevated temperatures and other sources of damage and interference. Below, view three industrial control solutions complete with block diagrams and featured products to help fast track your next design.

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