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I tried to make a new project for the CYBLE-014008 module, and I got the following error message:  


"The design wide resource file has unexpected errors: (File not found.).  Information in the design wide resource file may have been lost. Contact Customer Support for help on this issue."


I would like to work on assigning pins and verifying that the 014008 will have the resources I need for my new project.  Do I need to have a .cydwr file to do that within PSoC creator?  And if so, where can I find one?



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Welcome in the forum, Adrian!


The .cydwr file is generated automatically when a new project is created. Access rights, network drives or a bad installation of Creator may cause an error as you told us.


Please verify by creating a new project on your local drive. When that does not work, de-install Creator, download latest version from Cypress and re-install it again in the defaulted path.





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