Miniprog3 rev C problem?

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I have several identical custom PCBs with CY8C4245-AXI and several Miniprog3 programmers.

3 Miniprog3 are rev B, one is Rev C.

Using a rev B miniprog, I can program all boards.

Using the rev C miniprog, I can only program 6 out of 9 boards. The other 3 boards can not be programmed.

According to PSoC programmer, all miniprogs have the same firmware version.

I use SWD, 5 pin connector 1.6MHz, reset mode.

When programming fails, it takes very long (minutes), nothing happens, then I get a message that only says that programming has failed.

I use completely the same equipment (same laptop, same cable, same PCB), and when I exchange the Rev C miniprog to the Rev B miniprog, programming works.

Any ideas why the problem occurs? Note that the 9 PCBs are (i.e. are supposed to be...) identical.

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Can you please share the screenshots  of PSoC Programmer with  the error  that you get when you program using MiniProg3 RevC and MiniProg3 RevB