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PSoC™ 4

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 I have a low powered application using PSOC4200 powered by 3V battery.


The application has the micro and 2 other ICs on the PCB.


The other 2 ICs combined draw 12uA. Currently I put the micro into deep sleep and all I need is to wake on an interrupt on a Pin state change. 


I have measured total current around 60uA, this implies the 4200 is drawing 48uA instead of the 1.3-15uA suggested in the low power guide.


I do have the LVP enabled as I want to know if battery gets low. IIf this is drawing current then I could stop the LVP int before deep sleep and start again on wake.


I have SPI being used when wake and also a timer interrupt that is stopped before putting to deep sleep.


My target is 30uA total for the circuit (around 15-20uA for 4200 would do the trick).



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Did you try running one of the example projects to see if you could


eliminate the PSOC.




I am sure you have seen these -






            CE95288 - CapSense Low Power with PSoC 4     AN86233 - PSoC® 4 Low-Power Modes and Power Reduction Techniques




Discretes like bulk caps not leaky ? No floating pins configed as inputs ? No loads being driven ?


No pins taken outside rails causing input protection diode current ? No regulator drawing reverse


current in its output ?






Regards, Dana.