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I am using the CY8C4124LQI-413 with capsense and I feel like the VSSD pin is in the way of my capsense IOs:



The only component that needs to be connected to VSSD is the capacitor connected to VCCD (V of the internal reg). would it be viable to connect that capacitor directly to the star ground configuration recommended for Capsense use, and leave the actual VSSD pin disconnected on the PSoC? (I am not sure if some functionalities may be compromised by doing so)

otherwise, I would have connected VSSD to the E-pad, but capsense recommends connecting the Epad to VSSA...


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Hi @jcsb1994 ,

  • It is not recommended to leave the VSSD pin open. It will compromise the functionality.
  • If routing is the problem then you can connect it to the E-pad, it will only affect the performance if high switching is involved.

Let me know if any further clarification is required.

Best Regards

Raj Chaudhari

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