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PSoC™ 4

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Hi all,

I tried out the EEPROM emulation example on PSOC4 with Creator 4.3.

Everything works fine and the counter is being updated and printed to serial line whenever I press the reset button on the pioneer board.

But when I program the board again, the content in the EEPROM section is reset/lost. I guess it is overwritten, because the emulation is located in flash and "program"  might erasing the whole memory first.

How can I overcome this?

What I want to have is:

use EEPROM emulation, store some values, then continue developing my application, progam and debug it and keep the content.

Can I configure the "program" action to keep the EEPROM location in flash untouched?

Best wishes,


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Hi Stefan,

Kindly check the following thread.Is there example code that preserves a user defined area of PSoC internal flash?

Best Regards,