How / What Version: Production Programming of PSoC EZ-BLE Creator Module

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I'm working on a new design and considering using the PSoC EZ-BLE Creator Module.  I have it working great on the Pioneer Kit but I need to qualify the method of programming for production before committing to my customer.

I assumed I could use the CYBLE-014008-00 EZ-BLE Creator Module:  (  )

and program them before installation using the EZ-BLE™ MODULE PROGRAMMING KIT


When trying to buy the programming kit, I received the error at checkout: "CYBLE-014008-PROG EZ-BLE™ MODULE PROGRAMMING KIT is pruned and not available for purchase."

Is this a deprecated solution? Is there a replacement? Should I be looking at a different module/programmer series/version/etc.?

This is my first PSoC project so I'm looking for the right module / programming solution for new designs.


Frank Jackson

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