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Dear community,

We have a PCBa with the CY8C4126 on, we use a Miniprog3 programmer via spring loaded pins going to pads on the PCBa.  We are using the PSoC software on a windows PC to program the chip.  At the current time we are clicking on the little icon in the program to program every time.  Now we are ramping up production I would like to make something a bit more "professional".

I was hoping for some ideas and direction on how to build a more automatic rig, where the person on the line just has to mount the PCBa in a jig, close the arm to clamp it in place   The mechanics of it i have in place, It's more on the software and programming side I was hoping to get some suggestions.

Looking forwards to hearing from you all.



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Dear Alistair,

As mentioned at somewhere of CY website:

"The MiniProg3 programmer is part of a suite of programming options and programming content available to PSoC users. For customers who are looking for more information on general programming options and information please navigate to the web page linked below. On the General Programming web page we discuss all of the available programming options for customers including Software, Schematics, Programming Specifications, and 3rd party mass programming."


The vendor of 3rd party programming tool may provide you more about "professional" suggestions on automatic rig.