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Hey all,


we're using PSOC 4100s plus semiconductors. specifically CY8C4147AZI-S465. 
The way we do it is we load it with a bootloader that later allows us to upload a bootloadable application.

Due to the chip shortage, we had to switch out of that semiconductor to a different one, and now we have a problem where we must generate a cyacd for the semicondctor type. Does anyone know how I may be able to obtain the semiconductor type?
I tried using the enter bootloader command but it seems to return the same value no matter the semi conductor used.

my idea was to do the following:
1. prepare a cyacd where i figure out where the register with the semiconductor type is held.

2. in this cyacd make an endpoint that returns this
3. flash it with this cyacd. get the semiconductor type

4. reflash with the appropriate bootloadable for that cyacd type.


Was wondering if anyone knew of an easier way somehow someway.



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Hi @OmAb_4672891 

Since you want to generate a .cyacd file for the new device I guess you are looking for the silicon ID.

You can find the silicon ID by using system calls as mentioned in section 27.4.1 of the PSoC 4100S Architecture TRM.

Please refer to the following thread, which is regarding a similar issue: https://community.infineon.com/t5/PSoC-4/PSoC-4-Silicon-ID-Family-and-Revision/td-p/331868

As per my understanding, earlier you were using the CY8C4147AZI-S465 device. Now since you have switched to a newer device it would be required to update the .cyacd file to make it compatible with the latest device..
Please let me know if my understanding of the issue is correct or not. If yes, please note that we do not recommend to edit the .cyacd file directly. The correct way to do this would be to update your application for the new device and build the application to generate a new .cyacd file for the new device.

Best Regards